Content Manager

San Francisco, CA, USA

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

Content side:

Writing content such as blog articles, eBook, Slideshares, thought leadership pieces, case studies, product content for the web, digital marketing content based on internal interviews and desk research.
Managing the creation of video content, animations and designer output including creating strong briefs and managing multi-stakeholder feedback.
Managing the creation of content written by freelance writers and our PR agency.
Supporting other marketing and business development activities such as award entries, client presentations and RFPs.
Shared ownership (with the digital team) on things like channel strategy, SEO, paid search, paid social, owned social media, results tracking, email nurture streams etc.
Shared ownership (with marketing leadership) on content strategy, the topics we should be covering, the kinds of content we should be producing and content distribution channels e.g. ABM campaigns and demand generation through 3rd party promotion. Optimising content performance to raise awareness and generate inbound leads.
Marketing and project management side: for Europe, were a small marketing team working with a UK PR agency and a larger in-house team in India. This means we all get involved in lots of different things, some large, some small. Several areas need more attention, particularly social media, marketing automation and recruitment marketing, but the Senior Marketing Content Manager might also get involved in things like support on events, lead management including tracking and follow-up, site branding and many more.



  • Significant experience writing business-related content, e.g. in marketing, journalism, business research, analyst firms, etc.

  • Ability to think logically, form opinions about a business issue and structure arguments to support that opinion. (Strong academic record is likely an advantage here.)

  • Willingness to get involved in all sorts of different activities and get them done.

  • Ability to form relationships and work collaboratively by phone, video calls and email with a wide range of stakeholders in different locations, both in India and in different centres around the UK.

Theres all sorts of other experience that would be an advantage, but are far from essential:

  • Digital marketing skills.

  • Background relating either to customer experience management, its associated technologies, or any of our primary target sectors of banking, insurance, telco and media.